Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Capital Punishment 2015

Wow….what a journey this race has had over time. I have been fortunate to be able to have done this race every year since its inception in 2010. So that is 6 times I have been lucky to ride across the ACT in the most unique point to point race that exists.
In case you have been living under a rock, are new to the scene, or just don’t even live in Canberra or Australia then here is the dot pointed version. This will also work if you are time poor, as I am this week!
  • Dinner: Thai Green Curry Chicken. Massive serving of rice. It was huge.
  • Had 4 spring rolls as well
  • 5am wake up. 5:30 leave. 6am arrival.
  • 7am start time
  • Point to Point
  • 100km
  • 10km of untimed section to traverse the Capital City of Australia
  • Takes in Kowen, Sparrow Hill, Sutton Forest, Majura, Black Mountain, the Arboretum and Mount Stromlo
  • 3 hours 26 for leaders
  • Incredibly fast
  • 29km/hr average speed
  • Lots of tactics
  • First section is 65km and about 2 and a half hours long
  • Second section is 25km and a bit over an hour long
  • Pro4mance gels consumed: 12
  • Litres of Sukkie drink consumed 3 and a half
  • My 2015 Placing: 4th
  • My placings over the years: 2010 – 7th, 2011 – 9th, 2012 – 6th, 2013 – 13th, 2014 - 4th

Luge on Stromlo - if you haven't been here and ridden this track, do yourself a favour!

Results - awesome to analyse the unique splits

The morning was absolutely beautiful. 7 degrees in Kowen Forest. No wind. A full moon. An amazing sunrise. Well behaved kangaroos. It quite simply could not have been more perfect if you had tried. At 7am the race was underway and there were a lot of riders wanting to leave an indelible mark on this race in one way or another.
So apparently this is the last time that AROC will run this event. That is a real shame as it is an absolutely brilliant race. There are not too many point to point races that exist out there. But, the logistical side of things is incredibly difficult and expensive to undertake, so it is understandable from that point of view.
However, it does leave the option open for someone else to potentially run a similar event if they wanted to!
 Keep an eye out for a more in depth write up of this race in the next issue of Enduro Magazine!

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