Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scott 25 hour 2013

Scott 25hr

The dot pointed version - This race was a like a weird stage race.....

24 hour racing is such a mammoth task, even in a team category. Because Andrew Hall was booked in to race the Solo 24 hour World Championships the following weekend, we took the ultimate sandbagger option of racing the 7+6. As fate would have it, so would a few other top teams, therefore this became a real race!

My dot pointed version is as follows…..

• 7+6 class

• No night riding

• Still a truckload of stuff to bring to the race

• Made Andrew ride out to Stromlo as he needed the traiing for #WEMBO

  • A certain 'Elite' rider was noted to be racing a Master category. Is that UCI legal?

• Red and Blue laps – super short and super fast

• Rockstar Racing and Target Trek fielded Elite teams in the 7+6

Double jump down Skyline - no friction in the air!

• 25 hours of racing to commemorate 25 years of Canberra Off Road Cyclists

• Daylight savings kicked in on Sunday morning

• Andrew Hall does the run – team rules as he is the youngest, and I don’t get myself into situations that could have me confused as being a triathlete.

• We then do double up laps

• Repeat for about 6 hours

• Sewage receptacle overflows across road crit track

• Finish the first day in the lead by 4 seconds

• Thai Green Chicken Curry for dinner

• Electric Blanket

Luge (Berm track) - fish eye view of a smooth little berm

• Only got 7 hours sleep ;)

• Up at 5

• Out the door at 6

• On track at 7:14am.

• Double up laps for 5 and a half hours

• Andrew feeling efforts of running, pulls a sly one to get out of doing the last lap

• I do 14 laps, Andrew does 13 laps….plus a little run. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went for a swim also!!! Haha!!

• Rockstar Racing 1st

• Cannondale-Sugoi (that’s us) 2nd

• Target Trek 3rd

• Pack up

• Talk crap with some peeps

• Presentation – our category was done first!

• Cruise home with Kylie shoved in the back of the fully packed SUV also!

• Eat, relax, sleep

I love this bit of trail as it has awesome flow and lovely rocks

• Next day, throw up 10 times and spend an entire night in the ER with Gastro….

• Sportograph, hands down, take THE best event photos of anyone I know. Pure #PRO.

Alright then, that’s it in a nutshell.

Next up, Husky 100km at the end of October. That and get some energy back in me after removing the entire contents of my stomach!

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