Monday, May 13, 2013

ICME - Alice Springs Enduro - Day 1

I'll dot point this one....

  • woke up in Sydney.
  • Drank bad coffee
  • Got to airport
  • drank better coffee

got a book to read on the flight up

  • Picked up bikes.
  • Got on plane

Lake Eyre - last time I saw it, it was full of water

  • Got to Alice


  • Missed Stage 1 #sadface (see previous post for details)
  • Got a private car sent for us at the airport thanks to John Jacobi
  • Got to Lasseters Hotel
  • Built bikes up
  • Got on bikes at 2:00pm
  • Found John, got registration sorted
  • Went for Stage 3 recce

Andrew Hall - pondering where the hell he is

  • Had a blast searching the awesome trails around here
  • Got back to Hotel at 4pm
  • Went to Start of stage 2 - hill climb
  • Practised hill climb - 300m
  • Raced at 4:36:30 -- early start due to lack of seeding
  • Posted an ordinary time
  • Went off for more recce of tomorrow's stage

So excited to be finally on the bike - had to do a wheelie!

  • Came back to town
  • Went in search of Thai in town - closed.
  • Failed
  • Went back to Hotel
  • Found that there was a Thai Restaurant at the hotel
  • Winning
  • Really tired now
  • Bottles sorted
  • Dropped bottles off for tomorrow's stage
  • Back to room
  • Clean and prep bike for tomorrow's stage
  • Watching TV, surfing the net, social media
  • Off to sleep - what a day, but I am here!

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