Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 - Let's go!

Ok, so 2013 has rolled around. So then, what's new? Quite a few things actually. I won't go into great detail here and now, but suffice to say, I am really looking forward to racing my bike this year! (and yes it will be on a Cannondale!)

Yesterday was the first dirt crit of the new year. It was hot and dry - try 38 degrees and 14% humidity riding over from my house to Mt Stromlo. The racing was fast and dusty - pretty normal really. It was nice to take the win and open the lungs a little at the same time. My tricep, which I had put a nice little 10cm tear in on the 2nd of January, held up, so that was all I was worried about.

On Sunday, I will head down to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under. The most exciting thing I am looking forward to is the Red Carpet VIP launch of the Cannondale PRO Cycling. Photos to come shortly!

Torn Tricep - bruise just goes everywhere along the arm

VIP invitation to Cannondale PRO Cycling team launch in Adelaide

Now. Off for a massage, then home to do a bit of packing for what I need in Adelaide!

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