Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's new?

It's July. It's really cold in Canberra. The Tour de France is on. There's crazy fog in the morning.
June and July in Canberra are great months to take stock of what you want to achieve in the later parts of the year, put the plan in place and get things happening. Bulk loads of training are what has been on the cards for me over the last few weeks. It's not always easy with the cold weather, but on a positive note, the days are getting longer and the sun is out a fair bit more which makes it mentally easier.
Upcoming races
In the immediate future, there is round 5 of the XCM series with the Wollombi Wild Ride followed by the Back Yamma Bigfoot. Two super flat races. So, obviously the emphasis has been on making sure the endurance and power are increased to cater for these sorts of races. The Wollombi race is a super short event at only 75km. This is going to be a flyer!! I am expecting that this will pretty much end up being a road race from the get go. The vast majority of the course is fireroad so drafting, and potentially a bunch sprint will be the outcome.
The Back Ymma Bgfoot I have done a couple of times before. I reckon that this race has exactly the perfect ratio of firetrail to singletrack around. It also has a super vibe at the actual event headquarters itself. I can not wait for this one!
What Else? Well, I have been doing my twin peaks mountain bike training loop over the last few weeks. It is interesting looking at all of my stats over the last 5 years on this loop. I am now doing this one on the 29e and have 3 runs on it. The interesting thing is that the tails have been really moist due to the cold weather. I have been experimetning with tyre pressures of 20.5 in the front and 21.5 in the back. This is super low for me, but seems to be ok with the 29er wheels. There have been a few rim strike on the ENVE carbon rims when going through super rocky terrain. Only a little bit of tweaking here and there to get this to perfection.

A fair bit of this action going on.

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I am trying to boot the caffeine addiction (a little bit)... see you at Back Yamma!