Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watch the "Heroes Wear Helmets" tv ad from 1990

Ok, back in the day when I lived in qld, the state government brought in legislation to make helmet wearing whilst riding a bicycle compulsory.

They thought that making the cycling activity look Rad would be the ticket to getting people to buy a helmet and wear it.

My brother posted the ad up on YouTube today and has the blurb on who was in it. There are some old school names in there who made up the mix.

I was the 'stuntman' riding the bike with this massive camera gaffer taped to the top tube. This was about the size of a small tv. Yes, it was primitive, but it worked in the days prior to gopro cameras.

From what I recall, I got paid $200 and we were fully catered for over the course of the weekend.

Bear in mind that the colours of the digital media are not screwy, this is just the colours of the era that was the really early 90s!

Anyway, it's pretty old school PRO! and brings back some good memories from back in the day.

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