Monday, April 16, 2012

Kick-ass weather

I came across this little fella out on the coll singletrack linking the base of Mount Ainslie to the base of Mount Majura. What makes this interesting is that these guys usually come out in Spring, not Autumn. But it was a superb day and he was out for a cruise.

I am hoping that the weather holds out for the following month. I have 4 marathons in a row.

XCM round 1 - Woodend, Victoria - Wombat Classic

XCM round 2 - Canberra, ACT - Capital Punishment

XCM round 3 - Somewhere outside of Sydney - Convict 100

James Williamson Enduro

This should keep me busy with racing and recovering for the next month.

The bikes are already packed for the trip down to Melbourne. I am taking a flight down Saturday morning for that one. Having not ridden there before, it is bound to be pretty cool. I have heard that it is a cross between Majura and Sparrow (for those from canberra).

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