Friday, March 23, 2012

Good bye Dirt Crits - hello marathon racing

Yesterday the final dirt crit of the season was held at Stromlo. Out of a total of 20 proposed events, 7 were lost due to rain and the subsequent issues that the precipitation caused – namely mud. Even though the number of races was cut short, the racing was intense and as usual, there is never an easy short track race.

The series started in late October 2011 and got 8 events in before Xmas. All of these events I did on the Flash 26er. After Xmas, there were only 5 races due to excessive rain. For these, I raced on the Flash 29er.

The executive summary of the results from racing in the series for me is as follows –

o 12 starts

o 3 x 1st place

o 9 x 2nd place

The racing last night once again was really close with the potential to drape a slightly elongated blanket over Dylan, Brad and I for the first 3 laps (of 5). On the 4th lap, I ramped up the speed and got past Brad and quickly onto Dylan’s wheel. With only one lap to go I wasn’t getting past Dylan on this course as the opportunities to overtake were slim and Dylan was wise to my attempts to get around him.

Drape a planket style of close racing.

So, as Summer, (cough, cough) draws to a close, the Australian Marathon series kicks into gear. With exactly a month before the first round of the Real Insurance XCM series, it is time to ensure that the endurance is ready for the rigours of 100km racing.

Stop. Hammer time.

For me there are 3 100km races in the series back to back on consecutive weekends in Victoria (Wombat 100), Canberra (Capital Punishment) and Sydney (Convict 100). I haven’t raced the Wombat 100 before, so that will be a new one. Capital Punishment is in my backyard and I have done that one a couple of times, so all good there with regard to course knowledge. The Convict 100 (nee Dirt Works 100) I managed to do last year, and the course knowledge gained from that will assist greatly this year.

Looking forward to it!!

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