Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Testing between a 26er and a 29er

It is nice to have all bikes matching and a bike for all occasions, surfaces, trails etc.
29er added into the mix to determine suitability. Testing undertaken over course of the weekend. The Bear would be impressed.
26er and 29er set up identically. Same groupset, tyres, geometry and measurements.
29er Flash out on the secret testing trail on Mount Ainslie. Huge wheels take a bit of getting used to visually. Riding it was a no brainer though.
Fresh coffee (thanks to Trev) to assist with the analysis of data that came back from testing.


David said...

The right weapon for the fight ;)

Nicholas Childs said...

2012 Flash 29er paint job gets the thumbs up from me, but you should probably make a more technically sound decision.
I'm definitely interested in the result.

Nick C

James Downing said...

2012 does look sensational and it has sensational spec. Like David said, pick the right weapon for the fight. For a 100km race, a 29er would rock. For stromlo, just a bit too much bike to throw around.