Monday, October 31, 2011

Road Crit racing

This summer I decided to race some road crits. Canberra has a pretty good road scene. Well, it has a pretty good cycling scene in general. At the moment you can race road crits Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well as Dirt crits on Thursday. There is also different racing on the weekends also.
Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I know the club handicapper, and he said that I would be fine in A grade. Therefore no sandbagging allowed!
I hit up the Wednesday afternoon road crits, splitting my day up into Endurance Hills (TM) in the morning and riding out to Stromlo in the PM to race the road crits then spinning home afterwards. This nets me about 120-130km onthe bike for a Wednesday. That is just awesome. It doesn't even feel as though I have been out, well sort of. I am creeping by Thursday morning that's for sure!


Zero said...

It's funny, when I'm taking regos for dirt crits, if a new person comes up one of the questions I ask them is what grade they ride road (if at all). The number of A grade roadies who think "oh yeah, I'll get away with racing C grade...", it's sad.
Unfortunately it also goes the same the other way. Last week there was a club "championship" event, which in D grade had two national XC champions plus 3 XC A graders.

Old Time Racer said...

Just got to work on those lines in the corners now, it's not a single track ya know!