Monday, October 17, 2011

Race Photos

It might be a slightly narcissistic tendency, however it is a slightly satisfying feeling to find a picture of yourself racing or riding your bike on the interweb.
It's even better when you didn't know that it was being taken.
I am pretty sure that this is in the high speed berm at Stromlo just above the 4X track, but it could be in a few different places as there are no real reference areas.
It is in a fast location, I am in the 2nd hardest gear. I am already on the gas (pedalling) as evidenced by the right foot (technically the inside of this bend) being down, and actually pulling throughfor the left to begin the downstroke.
The keen eye will also note that my shoes, helmets and eyewear all match. That's not really an accident. However...... the gloves are not quite right. No amount of Napisan is getting these suckers back to the pristine condition that they require for smooth speed assaults.
So, as of Friday, I am rocking the new 2012 661 Raji gloves. These have been my glove of choice for about 6 years now. Light, ventilated, thin, they just get the job done.


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