Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Scott 24hr - Australian MTB Championships

Planning has already started for the Lonsdale Street Cyclery assault on the prestiguous team events at the Scott 24 Hour MTB Australian Championships. This race will again be held at Stromlo in Canberra on the 2nd weekend in October.
The Scott this year will be held on the well regarded red and Blue hourglass loops. This is a fantastic way of getting the course spacing spot on. When you have 2500 competitors entered, with up to 650 riders on course at any one time, then course spacing is paramount to enjoyment.
It is not uncommon to overtake 100 riders per lap at some of these events. It is a very fine balance between keeping speed high and still being polite out on the trails chasing an Australian Titles whilst maneuvring around all sorts of riders out there having fun.
The last 3 years the 6 man Lonsdale Street Cyclery High Performance Racing team has made it into the top 5 overall, beating out other fancied teams. Course knowledge and a consistent approach is the name of the game here.
This year we have the following team returning
James Downing, Will Bowron, Trev Rix, Allan Sieper, Doug McLean and Ben Carmody.
Experience counts big time in 24 hour racing. Out of the team myself, Trev, Al and Doug have all been racing bikes for over 20 years each.
Last year, 6 man teams occupied 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th in the overall, therefore surpassing many of the supposed 'pro' 4 man team setups. 6 man teams are here it is at for quality of racing that's for sure.
This year we are set up in a corporate tent with the Specialized crew again. Specialized will once again be offering up their demo fleet to the riders to try out $10,000 demo bikes. Get down there and check out the industry's top bikes once again.
The corporate tent will once again give us a luxurious set up with a fantastic crew right outside the transition zone. Big thanks to Trev and Janie from Lonsdale Street Cyclery for setting this up again.
Secret training out on the course has begun......

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