Friday, September 16, 2011

Questions received when selling a bike

I received this question about a bike I am selling on a certain website. The bike is a 42cm size one that Kylie used. I have also included my response....
Dear James,
I am a 6 foot 5 inch - will I fit this bike?
S. Speeder| a/g Assistant Director | Intelligence Services & Target Identification Portfolio (ISTIP)
Strategic Information Design and Governance Branch | Strategic Information Division | Department of Human Services
ph: 02 xxxxxx| email: take the sting out of diabetes - visit a Medicare office in September to make a donation or purchase a buzz bee pin.
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James Downing to S.Speeder.
show details 11:16 AM (1 minute ago)
Dear Mr Speeder,
this bike has 19 more gears than you are used to and a ladies saddle.
If you run a 150mm slammed stem and some mad offset in the seatpost it should be right for you.
'Intelligence Services' - now you're really taking the pi55!!

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Ed said...

James, you need to work in a bike shop - the right size is always the size that's for sale.

Have you seen the Pig that S.Speeder actually rides? It has a lamp-post, not a seatpost!