Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back Yamma Bigfoot - Pictorial Review

Thanks to Kylie for always being a Japanese tourist and taking hundreds of photos on all our road trips!

The Fat Lamb hotel Eugowra. Love the name!

I have driven over this bridge tons of time - secret back way to Parkes. It looked like this back in 1996 when I lived there. It rattles like crazy when you drive over it and undulates up and down.
Cool Pub building
In the country now. Keep going straight.
Word to your mother! Compression garments are fully mainstream now!

Cool little abandoned mud brick church or something

Double shot espresso please! Driving to the race HQ in the morning.
Manscaping was undertaken specially for this weekend.

Phil is a true gangster from the south side. He loves Katy Perry. Probably not for her singing though.

The saddle is holding me up after 4 hours at threshold. Shaky legs. Need some sugar!

Local wildlife. Why is it that cows always look at you?

Just how the 24 hour solo boys roll

You go through the 2nd roundabout and it's on the left. Discussing how to get to the coffee shop!

What you see on the way home from a road trip.

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