Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interesting morning

This morning was a chilly one. Thank god for windstopper material. I would go out on a limb and state that I believe that windstopper for a winter cyclist rates up there as highly as USB and the Internet in terms of useful things in life.
With the light rain from last night, this morning was super foggy. I reckon there was about 50 metres visibility. I was wiping my glases down every 5 kilometres or so as they just started to get a nice beaded coating of water from the fog.
This morning I had on the Craft baselayer with the windstopper front, the Assos tights with the windstopper legs, windstopper booties, one set of windstopper gloves underneath my standard winter gloves and all was good.
After a short while in the -2 C temperature at 40km/hr into the fog, I started to accumulate ice crystals all over myself and my bike.
Pretty amusing to say the least.
So, what's coming up? Well there is the Husky as the next big race that means something. This has now been rescheduled to the 7th of August. There is also he possibility of racing Stromlo Western Carpark next Saturday. This will start at 2pm so I will have to see whether I can be bothered getting to that one. On the one hand I love racing at Stromlo, on the other hand - it is in the afternoon. We shall see.
The tour has been going along with a few small issues along the way. How can you not be impressed with Johnny Hoogerland. There are not too many roadies who get back on and keep going after a crash. Some of them are almost as soft as soccer players. Jens Voight even has a poster of Johnny up on his wall at home.
This weekend I should be back up to full distance on the training route. The solo24 boys are heading down the coast for their C2C ride. Good luck with that fellas!! That would be a fairly good week's worth of training right there in 2 days.
Yesterday morning I saw a recumbant (retard) rider that had been pulled over by the police. It might have been the fashion police, or it could have just been the simple fact that these are stupid bikes and shouldn't be used because they are dangerous and you can't see them. The flag is doing nothing!!
Earlier this week I checked with @secrettrainer ( to see who the Velo Canberra nugget is who often drives the bakery bunch along Adelaide Ave on Saturday mornings. Turns out it is Steve Isbel. Steve is a pretty nice bloke. Happy to have a chat, I was quite surprised that a roadie could be relatively friendly on consecutive weekends. Sometimes they blow hot and cold. Props to Velo for having this dude on their roster. He's not a bad climber either, currently holding the second fastest time up Corin behind Mick Tolhurst.

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