Sunday, July 3, 2011


The last two weeks have flown by. First off, the husky 100k got postponed due to rain. I had a mad scramble on the Friday before that one searching for a race to do that weekend. Road TT, or mtb xco. I took the mtb option.

Corc put on a club race at majura. I rode over with kylie from my place. It only took 15minutes to get to the start line. There were about 20 dudes lined up for A grade.

The race was fast from the gun, with Dylan cooper and Brendan Johnston going out hard. I managed to catch them by the end of the second lap.

I moved into 2nd when Brendan overshot a corner. Dylan was only about 10 seconds in front. But when you are racing a flat course those 10 seconds can be impossible to claw back.

On the last lap, I dropped my chain between the frame and the cranks and it took forever to get it out. So long that the time I put into Brendan disappeared as he came back into sight.

The leg burn was intense on the last fire road as we sprinted flat biscuit for the line.

2nd place behind Dylan, and just in front of Brendan.

I was pretty happy with that as I had done a good 5and a half hours the day before. Husky form was definitely on track

Then it was off to Bangkok. Wow what a wild city. It just does not sleep, or slow down. Crazy stuff.

Two weeks later it is hard getting back to reality and having to prepare my own food and figure out what the body does on the bike.

Oh well, should only take a week or two to get it back. Patience is the key....

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