Monday, May 16, 2011

Specialized S-Works Prevail - Initial review

I picked up my new Specialized S-Works Prevail helmet today from Lonsdale St Cyclery. I have been using the Specialized S-Works D2 helmet for a few years now,and have been a big fan of it.
Basically with helmets, some just fit to your head and others don't. The Specialized helmets have always worked for me.
The Prevail is the latest offering from Specialized. It is claimed to weigh 215grams. The Australian version, which I have might be a bit more (but not much) as they had to modify the strap and buckle to comply with the Australian standards.
The colour I got was white. This is pretty much non-negotiable. The peripherals have to match. Ie helmet, shoes and gloves. You are allowed to occasionally wear black gloves, ie if you are doing secret training and no one is going to see you.
Anyway, back to the helmet.... It has massive scoops at the front to funnel the air in to keep your head cool. The timing of my acquisition may be slightly flawed with the minus 6 degree mornings of late, but for racing, this will be great, as will the lightness of the helmet.
As a positive, the straps on the helmet are black, so they won't look too crappy after about 6 months.
There is also the standard dial it up web fitting on the back that has been tweaked to also allow fore and aft movement to absolutely dial in the exact fit that you are after.
Helmets are definitely a personal opinion point. You either love the look or not, but we all have to wear one (her in Australia anyway) - Specialzied have definitely put a lot of thought, research and development into this one and I reckon it's a winner.
If you are in Canberra and in need of a new lid, check out the Prevail at Lonsdale Street Cyclery. They have stock in right now!

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