Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2602 - Australian Capital Territory - are you the best in your postcode?

Here in the ACT, we have excellent cycling facilities. I was thinking the other day that we are really lucky to have over 300km of on road cycle lane, 350km of cyclepath, 6000km of fireroad and over 3000 of standard road, let alone all the singletrack in the different regions across the territory.

After the Marathon Champs, I looked to see how I fared in the 'Canberra Cup'. Shaun Lewis and Dylan Cooper both finished ahead of me in 3rd and 4th respectively to my 7th placing.
Whilst I was fastest in my suburb, I was only 3rd fastest in my postcode of 2602.

I then pondered that thought of who else lived in the 2602 postcode, and wondered if it was the fastest postcode in Canberra or even Australia for mountain bikers
I came up with some names.
Dylan Cooper
Shaun Lewis
James Downing
Brendan Johnston
Heather Logie
Brett Bellchambers
David Shephard
Brent Miller
Mark Tupalski
Graham Allbon
Andrew Hall
Ian Downing
Adam Franklin
Trevor Rix
Ed McDonald
Kylie Webb
Gary Scheld
Hamish Prosser

This list doesn't include those that used to live in the 2602 postcode, or a lot of the road riders who may live here also.

All of these guys have been in the top 10 of the vast majority of races XCO, XCC and XCM and 24 hour in the last few years.

Is it that basing yourself in a good location condusive to a successful outcome with regard to being able to produce good cycling ability??

It probably can't hurt!


BennyH said...

What about fastest house??

Kev said...

Plus another Andrew Hall in Ainsle (guess that is the same P/C)6th overall 24 nats solo, and if you remove the others in his P/C he would nearly be a podium ;).

Flyboy said...

Hmmm...or do you all work goverment jobs that leave you plenty of time to train? Either way, you are in a good location.

James Downing said...

@BennyH - I'm the fastest in my house - what about you? There is a house in Monash that keeps a roof over some pinners!

@Kev - added him to the list!

@Flyboy - I think only a few have govt jobs!

Liam Downing said...

There's also at least one DHer you can add if you feel generous - Rando lives (or did live) in 2602.