Wednesday, April 6, 2011

End of daylight savings

Daylight savings has finished. Wow. It is so easy to wake up at 5am to get ready to go and train. That is such a good thing!

Tuesday was 6 climbs of Stromlo, which was accompanied by a decent tailwind home. I also managed to get my fastest time up Stromlo ever. That's always a good thing.

I really like descending between intervals as fast as I can go. Leaning into the corners and looking beyond the exit line ensures that the brakes do not need to be touched.

Today was Stromlo, Black Mountain and Mount Ainslie. Some good fast speeds had down these ones today. 75+ km/hr down Black mountain. Pedalling then tuck, corner, repeat.

Mount Ainslie had a headwind so I could only hit about 80km/hr. Pretty much just pedal a few times, then let gravity take over and tuck. Watch out for kangaroos!

Climbing is a love / hate sort of thing on the bike. I quite enjoy the accomplishment, but the feeling it takes to get up is pretty full on. Sometimes, it is not pretty, however, like Sean Yates once said, you are better off getting up the hill as quick as you can, why prolong the agony?

Usually a good ascent will reward you with a good descent. I hardly ever coast down a hill. I like to attack it as fast as i can, linking all the corners, fingers a millimetre from the brakes. It is such a great feeling. It doesn't matter if it is on road or off road.

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