Friday, April 1, 2011

Another weekend

I love it when the weekend is coming.
The week has been like this....
Tuesday - Strength Endurance - 5 x Stromlo climbs - negative splits as they went along (I love that!), hammer the descent to keep the HR up---- massage at night
Wednesday - Lactate Threshold 3 x 20min - pain and suffering on the (relative) flat.
Thursday - Stromlo, Black, Ainslie (mellow - light gears) + motorpacing session
Saturday - bakey bunch plus condor creek and suburb meander to get the hours in.
Sunday - 3-4 hours see how things roll.
Sunday night, Tour of Flanders is on live on SBS. I love the classics. All on the line for one day. Strength and tactics come into play.
I probably need to wash my bike tonight. Way too much sweat and slobber, and road grime from the week's riding. It'll make it cut through the air quicker - hopefully!
I caught Will secret training on Mount Ainslie on Thursday. This is probably why he did well at the Capital Punishment 50km.That and his new Specialized EPIC S-Works.He was just finishing off his 5th SE interval, and was riding down the mountain as I started my ascent. In true non-roadie style he threw his arms in the air. I am trying to get him to come on the bakery ride again.
The last time he did it was his first time ever, and we were close enough to the front to end up doing a pull through Charnwood and Fraser up to the highway. This is probably not where you want to be doing any work if you don't know the route. It is all false flat uphill rise. He didn't really stand a chance for the kick through Gungahlin though. Hopefully I can look after him a bit better this time. At least up to Gold Creek, after that it's every man for themselves.

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