Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting colder

I think summer has pretty much flown the coop.
The mornings are starting to be foggy and cold.
Under 10 degrees.
I have started to scavenge for items in the winter drawer.
Knee warmers, arm warmers, under shirt, shoe covers.
The good thing however, about riding and racing in winter is that you can pretty much push as hard as you want as you will not blow up due to the body not managing the heat.
Whether or not your legs can go around is another thing, which is why Assos is in business and there is a market for Belgian kneewarmers.
Lots of races coming up in the next 6 months.
Australian Marathon Championships - QLD.
Dirtworks 100km - NSW
Husky 100km - NSW
Back Yamma Bigfoot 100km - NSW
Angry Doctor 100km - NSW
Scott 24 hour - ACT
Club XCO races - ACT
Club SuperD races (series hopefully) - ACT/NSW
A good summer of training should hold these ones in good stead for some enjoyable racing.

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David said...

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