Friday, March 25, 2011

CORC Dirt Crit series wrap up

This year's CORC Dirt Crit series was a battle with the elements foremost with at least a good quarter of the events being cancelled due to bad weather and just about every other race encountering some sort of mud.


However, every Thursday from November to April was put aside to race the fast paced short track event. All grades are catered for in this format from U11 to A grade. The riders compete on a short track anywhere from 500m to 1000m in length and will race a predefined number of laps over a time frame of 10-15 minutes.


As you can imagine, this sort of racing relies heavily on the higher abilities. The ability to be able to ride fast off road at a heart rate close to 95% of maximum, against others, and make split second decisions with regard to tactics is what defines a successful short track racer. There is no time for making mistakes as even losing 5 seconds in this sort of format can penalise you in the long term, which in this case may only be 10 minutes.


Kylie and I  competed in 10 and 11 of the total 13 event respectively. Other national round commitments stopped us from attending all of these.


Kylie managed to dominate the women's category and also managed to get 2nd (or 3rd – subject to final result not quite yet in) in B grade overall.


I also managed to get 2nd overall in the series in A grade against a superfast Brad Morton.


Overall it was another successful Short track season campaign with a lot of fast riding taking place, and a lot of new people met and some awesome times had.

I am a huge fan of the short tack format. Over the last 5 seasons I have raced in 85 of the short track events here in Canberra and also at National Rounds.
It is a good opportunity, at the local level, to get in  good 3 hours of riding with a hard smash of 10-15 minutes in the middle for some excellent top end training.
Can't wait for next season!
Pictures courtesy of Russ Baker.

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