Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Australian Titles Cross Country race by the numbers

Today I downloaded the Heart rate monitor files for the week just gone.

The cross country race last friday had the following numbers....

Total Time: 1:17:53
Lap 1: 14:59.6
Lap 2: 15:48.8 (dropped chain)
Lap 3: 15:39.9
Lap 4: 15:43.4
Lap 5: 15:41.0 (front flat in last 100m)

Average Heart Rate: 179bpm

Max Heart Rate: 190bpm

Percentage of max raced at: 94.2%

Laps: 5

Temperature 30 degrees C

Ascent 600m

Verofit bottles: 5

Oakley Radar Fire iridium lens

As I mentioned previously, this was pretty deep. Running at 94% of max heart rate I was definitely getting as much out of the body as I could. To put it into context, the next day in the short track I could only average 178 and max of 186 for 11 minutes.

Definitely managed my peak and taper correctly, and expended the exact amount of energy required for this particular race. I am extremely happy with how this particular build went and obviously also happy about the result.

It is always great to win a title for the first time, but super satisfying to be able to defend it successfully.

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