Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brisbane's bike way

When I lived in Brisbane about 20 years ago I used to ride my bike to uni at UQ in the suburb of St Lucia. There were a couple of ways to get there, both by utilising the on road and off road cycle networks that existed back then.

In a good way, progression is occurring in different parts of the cities within Australia. I came across this photo on a blog I was checking out showing what Brisbane now has - and how quickly it was cleaned up after the floods.

The 'old' bikepath actually runs at the top of the cliff line under where the cars are driving.

I like the fact that they have made it wide enough for both pedestrians and cyclists. Quite progressive really.

Today I did a lazy 75km around the flat arterials on the road bike. This afternoon I am heading over to Stromlo on the mountain bike to race the dirt crit as well as sneak in a few more extra hours. Total today should be about 130km split between the road bike and the mtb.

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