Friday, January 7, 2011

Endless Summer

WOW! Summer has finally arrived. I have had a good break from work over the xmas and new year block and was able to get a truck load of riding in. Pretty much every day was at least 3 hours and a good mix of riding was done in order to enjoy the bike and also get all bases covered with regard to what needs doing.

For the new year of 2011 there are a good amount of races on. First off will be the local Thursday night short track racing up until the end of daylight savings. February has a local club race 2 weeks before the Australian Titles to use as a tune up.

In March there is a race every weekend. The one on my must do list is the Capital Punishment 100km race. This is basically all the trails in the ACT linked up.

In April there is the Marathon Championships up in QLD, held over a tough 80km course. You know that the course will probably not be flat when the distance is greatly reduced!

Follow these up with the Angry Doctor, Scott 24 hour, Back Yamma Bigfoot and the Highland Fling and my 100km race diet is set. If I need others, there are at least 5 others on my list if I want to hit them up.

The most important thing I am wishing for is dry weather and good form. If I don't get these, then so be it, I will still enjoy riding the bike. That is still pretty much what it is all about.

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