Thursday, January 20, 2011

can of worms

SO as of late I have been vigorusly involved in the relative debate as to whether 26" wheels are better than 29" wheels on a mountain bike.
Opinions are as summarised below
Curious - wish to try
Have tried and really like
Have tried and can't see the point
26" for going fast
29" for stability
29"ers are theoretically better in 100km races
All the cool kids are using them
You have to question your sexuality if you use one.
Little people trying to compensate with the bigger wheels
29ers are for those who ride the bike and don't work the bike enough to notice the difference
The one thing that was discussed off line was "what are the people who are actually winning races actually using?"
24hr - 26"
100km - 26"
SuperD - 26"
Cross Country - 26"
Short track - 26"
So therefore that comparison is now null and void. Stop kidding yourself people!!
But as they say, each to their own and I would definitely encourage people to try the large wheels and see for themselves the relative merits.


David said...

Statistics, statistics, statistics....I can bend the numbers too ;) how about you have an actual look at the success rate of people riding 29ers say todd wells or willow koerber instead of the method used ie how did they do on a 26 vs a 29 which is more of a true comparsion of the effects of changing wheel size.

Your argument effectively says, if I place in the top 30 say on 26 inch wheels and I change to 29 inch wheels and don't win then its a failure....

word verification is factim hahahah

James Downing said...

I think every one is bending numbers. As we all know 76% of statistics are false.

I think as long as you believe in your mind that it works for you, then that is all that matters.

Nick Childs said...

If you can win on a 29 then it's not really a 'mountain' bike race anymore is it?
Go technical or go home...

Having said that, (and riled up the fanboys) there are an awful lot of races where cardio, not bike handling skill, is the overwhealmingly dominant key to the equation. I guess it depends on how you value winning those sort of races.

Tim Ruckley said...

Personally I don't think there's enough tricycles winning races.

- Tim.