Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ultimates of 2010

In Summing up 2010, I am attempting a JK-style, ultimates of the year.

Best 100km race -- Capital Punishment. It was EPIC. Probably the only time during the year that I used that particular term. If you did it, you will never forget it. If you didn't do it - you have probably heard about it.

Best race result -- 1st at the Australian Titles in XCO was my highlight of the year.

Most enjoyable race --Back Yamma Bigfoot 100km. Awesome vibe, cool course, superfast race, good crew, result was a bonus

Best single day of riding -- Probably the Super D at Stromlo. 5 extremely focussed, tightly spaced (all within 10 seconds) runs down arguably the most enjoyable singletrack in Canberra -- Skyline, and the berm track.

Best group ride -- wolf pack ride down south.

Best tyres -- Continental Race King 2.2 Supersonic

Best handlebars -- Syntace 9 degree bend (flat)

Best hardtail -- Cannondale Flash

Best new innovation I finally got onto -- mtb 10 speed and 2x up front

Best week of training\riding -- Early January - 25 hours

Best investment of money -- weekly massage

Best race that never happened -- Angry Doctor 100km

Best excuse --it was in the meat (Spain or Mexico)

Best team effort -- Lonsdale St Cyclery and Spearman Cycles beating out numerous 'trade' teams at the Scott 24 hour race

OK, so that's the list, and as the picture says, I'm off to get some mega rides in over the xmas break.

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