Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good day on the trainer

If you hear those words, you have to be suspect. The trainer is the last resort. However, today it is a 2-trainer session day due to the rain, cold and the wind. The first session is a 'pre-sunrise' session where basically it is a good aerobic session. This is also a good opportunity to spin the legs out after the weekends' race.

The second session will be a 'Coach Troy' Hills sesion. This is a spinervals DVD which is slightly comical for many reasons, however it gets the HR up to Threshold and is a good hour of pain. Lots of towels and big fans blowing all over the body are required for this one. Also a good electrolyte drink to replenish lost salts. And there will be lots of lost salts.

1 comment:

Kev said...

Well it is Mental toughness for me tonight, I'll be swearing at Troy within the hour ;).