Friday, July 9, 2010

5 best moments of the tour in the first five days

Here are my top 5 moments from le tour over the first 5 days......

5. Adam Hansen driving the bunch for 40km after breaking his collarbone. Definitely not French.

4. Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck getting through the cobbles on stage 3. AC engaging Peter van Petegem's services and Fabian Cancellara guiding the younger non-broken Schlecky obviously worked.

3. Sylvain Chavenel actually being successful in a DAFB. (Dumb Ass French Breakaway [TM] [C]). I actually like his style of riding, sort of like Phillipe Gilbert. I wonder if he and Cavendish have the same dentist?

2. Robbie McEwen being brutally honest "I just didn't have enough power". I loved it when Petacchi jumped when the HTC (non) train ran out of gas. Rob-dog was on the wheel immediately. Average age of top 5 finishers on that stage, excluding EB Hagen = 35.5. i'm just saying......

1. Fabian telling journalists that "it's not like I can flick a switch on my handlebars and turn on a motor"


Anonymous said...

Chavenel was only successful because Fabian was feeling gay and made everyone sit up and not chase, or sprint. I wasted 4 hours of my life watching that stage, time I want back! ;) The other stages have been entertaining though.

Liam Downing said...

Can I add both Cavendish's tears and discovering his excuse for a certain recent two-fingered victory salute:
"The two-fingered salute comes from Agincourt, when they caught the archers and cut their two fingers off. It was intended to say: you can attack me, but I've still got my fingers. That's what I meant, anyway."