Saturday, June 19, 2010

a bit of everything

Saturday 19th June. 7 degrees, 22km/hr wind. Time tohead off road for today's 4 hour ride. I started off with a 'fast lap'at Majura. Now it rained pretty heavily on thursday so this was not that fast. There were still puddles from Capital Punishment there I reckon. Then I went across to the foothills of Moutn Ainslie underneath the powerlines, waking up a tribe of kangaroos, before descending some sweet, fast singletrack to Officer crescent.

From here it went urban. I did the most awesome skid past the druggo northbourne ave units onto the footpath. Bike was skidded around a right angle bend speedway style. Unfortunately, no one saw it. But it was pretty rad.

Went across to ANU. Somehoe whilst powering off across Barry drive, my rear derailleur cable pulled through, and I almsot flipped over the bars when the derailleur slammed it up 3 cogs. Just saved it, stopped and fixed the derailleur and got going again.

Chucked a hard right at Black Mountain and headed up. My initial thoughtwas to turn left after about 6 minutes of climbing the tar and hit the dirt. I climbed out of the saddle from the bottom for the first 5 minutes. I passed 2 roadies which was funny. I was feeling OK so continued out of the saddle to the top. That is the first time up Black Mountain road on the mtb, and out of the saddle the whole way. Interesting.

Headed down, and therefore took a right hand turn, to head down the firetrail down the western side of the mountain. Cork Plantation, Arboretum, dairy farmers hill, then onto Stromlo.

Stromlo climb up the trunk trail, hero grip, so left it in the dog. Tailwind up the climb. Feeling is superb. Then the descent down skyline and the berm track was perfect. Grip, tailwind, speed, all in abundance.

Next up was a World Cup climb including a reasonably sketchy run through hammerhead! The organic brake pads are way too grippy here. Sintered is better! Fireroad up to top of Stromlo, then another skyline and berm track run down.

Then I took the tailwind \ sidewind home, which got me home in about 40 minutes. Protein shake, shower, cheesecake, toasted Turkish bread. Stage 2 of 2009 TDF, snooze in bed!

New things today. Oakley Photochromic Radar lens. Continental Race King Supersonic 2.2 tyres.

Good things to say about these products, which will be mentioned in a new blog post or2 in the next week or so.


David said...

So which version are the photochromics? The grey or the orange?
RK SS 2.2..... Just don't take them within sight of a rock or they will simultaneously explode ;)

James Downing said...

Have you had any issues with the Schwalbe tyres at all?

David said...

None other than rubber wears really fast because it's quite soft. However I run a proper UST rear and a ghetto up front. Schwalbe have a reputation for weak sidewalls as well in non-UST tires, so I figure less likely to tear a front.

James Downing said...

I have played around with the Rocket Rons - performance ghetto in back, evo ghetto up front. Not the fastest rolling but pretty good tyres nonetheless. The german tyres can be pretty hard to seal up at times though.

David said...

I have tried the Rocket Ron as a front control tire and was unimpressed with the bite. It's a very light tire but just doesn't seem to work in the sandy loose conditions here. I think a course with a bit more loam and it would go alright. I haven't found a problem gwtting the schwalbes to seal up but I know that conti's can be painful due to the number of pin prick holes.

James Downing said...

you are spot on. The rocket rons do go well when it is loose, and deep. I think there is a 250m section of that stuff in Canberra! My contis took 2 weeks to fully seal, and they still go down a bit - pretty painful!