Thursday, March 25, 2010

spares of spares

After a while of riding, racing, training you acquire a lot of bike stuff. You know the type of thing. You have spares of spares. Three helmets, 4 pairs of cycling shoes, spare cranks, multiple derailleurs, frames, 3 sets of forks - the list goes on and on.
I had an EBAY sell off in the last 2 weeks - over 50 items went under the hammer. We all know what happens now with the $6000 I made from the proceeds of this auction. Yep, more bikestuff. This will go into the slush fund account for bike part purchases for the year.
And the good thing is, all of the parts have gone to people who need a part that is not quite dead, and in some cases brand new, and at a great price. Everyone wins. Next year, there will probably be another auction for other stuff that is clogging up the garage.
I think that if I can sell something for half of what I got it for, and I used it for 6 months, then I have got my money's worth. I do like to recycle through parts before they break, or get too grungy. It is always a nice feeling to have new shiny equipment. Definitely part of the ongoing psyche that keeps me motivated and wanting to ride.
Anyway I'm off to search the net for new bike toys.....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sad to see you go

Sometimes life isn't fair and those who don't deserve it are taken way too early in life. James Williamson was a top bloke who loved to ride his bike. The fact that he was a solo world 24 hour champion made him all the more an absolute legend of the sport.

The last time I talked to him was at the 2009 Scott 24 hour race. He came into our tent and was after a spare tyre if we had one. He actually wanted a Maxxis Crossmark in UST if possible. We only had a Maxxis Rendez and a few other types. He didn't want to take these off us and we just talked some crap as you do.

He will be missed by many. Hopefully he is hitting up the sort of singletrack that lasts forever and doesn't require any brakes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stromlo National Round

Finally, another big event at Stromlo, said tongue in cheek, obviously. But, using the World Championships course for the Olympic Cross Country event, is always going to be good.
The Veteran Men class was pretty thin on numbers, so after a strong start, I made my major objective to pass as many under 19 riders that I could. In the end I was able to pass all of them except about 4. My lap times were consistent and I was able to get through the technical stuff without too much hassle - The photos from Russ Baker show a nice little sequence through the hammerhead A line. Of course this was made easier due to my Cannondale Flash! Perfect Geometry for tech riding.
As a bonus to the win on the day, I also got the series title for the 3rd year in a row. The good thing is, I only raced 2 out of the 4 races in the series. These were the good tracks of Glenorchy and Stromlo, luckily missing out on Shepparton and Thredbo. No great losses there.
On Sunday I raced in the Elite Short track. After starting on the 3rd row of the grid on the inside, I motored around at about 95% of max for 20 odd minutes and was able to get 9th place. I was pretty happy with this as I got fairly isolated at the start, then squeezed to nowhere in the first corner - no other way out with the volume of riders. Some days it works then others you get worked!
The capital punishment race is theoretically coming on board. This should be a linking of all the cool bits of Canberra trails in one event. I am really looking forward to this, as it should be an absolute pearler. The trails that go from Sparrow to Stromlo, include Kowen, Majura, Bruce Ridge and the arboretum trails. Definitely quality over quantity here.