Friday, February 5, 2010

been a while

It has been a short while since my last post, and a few things have happened. I rode the wave of good form for a few club short track races. 2 first places in the A grade short track races on 2 equally hot stinkers. Weather that is! 2 Super fast courses were prepared at stromlo on each day on different tracks - just awesome.

On Saturday I went for a long ride - standard loop, just super windy, like really windy - my ears were hurting due to the rushing sound going past. The bastard wind also was swirling. Checked with BOM when I got home - yep, did a full 180 on me.

Saturday afternoon was spent in a daze, pretty much felt as though I had been run over by a truck. Sore throat, lethargic, sore muscles, wanting to throw up etc. Sunday was a little better but not by much, something was obviously wrong.

Now I know I was starting to burn the pedals at both end a little bit, but I usually have a good handle on this aspect. Kylie was experiencing the same symptoms so I knew she wasn't doing a big block currently. The food, what about the food?

We racked our brains to think back to what we had eaten lately. The ham!!! Dodgy used by date!! Not good at all - especially 3 days in a row - no wonder I felt like crap.

So due to a course being on at work (or not actually at work, but off site) - I though it might be a good idea to have a total break off the bike for 3 full days, eat some 'fun' non tainted food and chill.

So after just 3 days, feeling bloated on sugar from the lollies and biscuits provided at the course, and the subsequent water retention that happens with such consumption, I was itching to get back on the bike.

Thursday Short track - perfect. With a markedly lower heart pump stroke I ventured out for my normal trunk trail warm up at stromlo. HR high - normal after even 1 day off the bike, legs feeling like they have no idea how to go around, general thoughts of 'how do I do this' floating through the mind.

And pretty much nothing of anything in the race - and being off the pace. I still managed 3rd place, but this is the thing I was actually looking for. Now the mind is refocussed for the next block leading up to Stromlo National Round. After being sick on the weekend I decided to skip the Thredbo round that's coming up in 2 weeks time. This will allow me to rebuild for the Stromlo round on a course I truly love.

The next best thing that happened is that my Cannondale Super Six frame arrived, plus my Cannondale Flash also showed up. As is teh rule, take nothing new to a race, so it hasn't had the chance to see any singletrack yet. as with the purchase of any of the shelf bike, some parts tweaking must be done. So I am currently waiting on some Stans wheels, and some different cranks. Other changes will include swapping the XTR disc brakes out for some avids, pulling off the Racing Ralphs and swapping with some Small Block 8s and going from XTR shadow to XTR normal.

I am hoping that all of this will occur next week, and I will a) have a chance to run the Flash up the twin peaks climb against the clock, b) run it at my Majura training facility (secret lap) against the clock and c) race it on Thursday at the World Championship short track.

Reviews will follow - also with photos. After my tweaks this should be an 8 kg bike. Which is almost a full kilo lighter than my Scott Scale. it had better be faster!


David said...

Why swap the XTR brakes out? weight? I have to say they are some of the more powerful, and easiest to set up brakes out there...

David said...

Your famous... well the back of your head is. You and Kylie made the AMB DVD from the Worlds, about 27min in

James Downing said...

Yep, mainly weight - plus I have avids on all the other MTB bikes in the garage. Plus Noyubes wheels = non centrelock.