Friday, November 27, 2009

rain approaching

Another Thursday, another dirt crit. In the morning I woke up and headed out for an hour and a half through the soup that was the feral humidity that was hanging around. It was almost like I had a headwind in every direction. Just really sucky.
The morning was spent in a training course for work at another building. Leaving the room for a short break, i exited the door into the hallway and was greeted by someone. It was one of those ones where they know who you are, but while you recognise the face, you are not quite sure who it actually is. I am sure that if he was in full bike kit and on a bike I would know exactly who it is.
Riding over to Majura from my place to the race start is always a sluggish affair on a split session training day. Kylie had just left 2 minutes before hand but had to turn around and wait for me because either she was flying or I was lagging.
The course was awesome. A nice length fireroad followed by fast slightly descending singletrack that rewarded smoothness and tech skills. The latter half of the track was sent backwards up a trail to the base of the fireroad. Going over tracks backwards is harsh due to the braking bumps that exist on this track. Not massive, but something to make it even harder to ride fast over.
Gazza got the race underway with an inventive countdown. 10.....4....Go! - This worked great, the 3,2,1 countdown tempts the riders to clip in way too early. I drag raceed Dylan Cooper up the fireroad searching for the holeshot. As he was on the inside and 3/4 of the way up the side, I decided it was not a good idea to chop him off, and just backed off slightly and slotted in just behind.
The first lap was pinned around at a rapid rate. Halfway through the 2nd lap Brad Morton went past me, which was good as at this stage I was happy to get through the bumpy stuff and have a small recovery. On the next lap up the fireroad I hammered past Brad and was also able to get back onto Dylan's wheel. This stayed like this for 2 laps.
On the last lap, Dylan pretended to slow down and be tired before the fireroad (I only know this because I have done it in the past also!) He then hammered up the fireroad with me right on his wheel. He then gave it a fair hit over the next bit of singletrck and the elastic stretched a little too much. a minute later the race was done.
Dylan first, me second, Mark Tupalski 3rd, Brad 4th.
Stats from the race
Time: 14:00
Laps: 6
Avg Speed: 28.6km/hr
Max HR: 188
Avg HR: 177
Kylie had an awesome race within B grade mens and got 14th. She was loving the tech singletrack at speed.
After the race it was about cruising home the long way, whilst it tried to rain on us. A pretty nice way to finish off the day.
20 minutes after getting home it poured down!
Got to love staying dry!

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David said...

Good work!
Staying dry is always great