Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A nice recovery week

After the Scott 24 hour race, a scheduled recovery week was due. This is mainly due to the fatigue that sleep deprivation brings. At the Scott, 2 hours sleep is considered a good effort. This year the nutrition was sorted quite well. I had plenty of pasta, watermelon, cashews, protein shakes, banana muffin-cakes, cytomax, english muffins, bacon and eggs. The good combination of real food in decent proportions ensured that the early morning laps were busted out with the same intensity as the day before. Only the traffic makes them slower!
Back into the training over the weekend and it was back to back 4 hour tempo days on the roadie. Saturday, out at Contador Creek, I reckon I saw about 50 people. The great weather has brought everyone out. Sunday, it was just quiet as. Evyerone was probably cruising on the flat or something else was on that I didn't know about!
A little bit of discussion on a certain forum today ensued with some punter saying that intervals weren't required for cycling. With that in mind, the morning session today involved hard riding, and the lunch time session included some even harder riding. LT and VO2max efforts on the same day??!! No way it can't be done, it doens't need to be done!!!  --- Well I did them, and I reckon they might pay off in a few weeks time!
I also signed up to do the 4 hour Rocky Trail Entertainment Enduro at Stromlo. Well, the course is superb. Up and down the trunk, skyline and berm track for 4 hours. That should equal 7 - 8 laps. I would do 6 climbs of stromlo, majura or ainslie on any given Saturday so I decided to throw it down on dirt. The fact that it is on a Saturday means that I can also train on the Sunday --- we'll see how that one pans out.
Now I wonder if my new Cannondale Flash will arrive before xmas?????


David said...

Is it the carbon or alloy version of the Flash?

James Downing said...

Carbon, I was really impressed with the Taurine and the lefty combo that I used in tasmania earlier this year. The stiffness on the taurine was superb. Both pedalling and in the lefty for handling. Whilst I would really like the ultimate version, I will go with the XTR version for 2 reasons. $3000 gets me to a lot of races, and all the other mountain bikes in the garage have XTR!

David said...

Should be interesting to see the durability... I think the construction is similar to the Hi-mod frames. I saw one earlier in the year that was in a crash at Coota. The seat tube was snaped clean thru, in what was a minor crash.

The Bear (Lover of all things Aluminium and Steel)

James Downing said...

I think you are right - they are pretty much similar to the road frames - with a MTB slant on design. Cannondale now have Peter Denk who engineered the Scott Scale.

While I have broken a Scott Scale frame (headtube crack) I caught it prior to Tasmania round in March, hence the borrowed Taurine (which is bullet-proof). Netti also warrantied the frame which was sensational of them.

I believe Cannondale do pretty good testing on their products, but having said that, a crash could kill any frame for any brand. I do tend to recycle my parts and bikes fairly regularly so I do manage to miss a lot of the issues that could occur. I have been racing since 1989 and have owned over 35 bikes since then!

I have really good support from Trev at Lonsdale Street Cyclery and he does a lot of volume for Cannondale, which is pretty good. The lifetime warranty on the frame also installs a bit of confidence.