Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what happens when it is raining and 40km/h winds

3 hours on the wind trainer......
Dedication to the cause.
The cause being optimal fitness for the desired events on the calendar.
Scott 24 hour is coming up. The Lonsdale Street Cyclery team is back to defend the 6 man team title. The course is a little different, but should still be good.
The race strategies are currently being developed and the process will unfold. Got to go do a night ride to check out the course.
Trev hooked us up a corporate tent, all I know is that it is 6 x 9m and has power and is near transition.
Bring on the caffeine!



David said...

This is just sad on a number of levels ;) If you keep riding your trainer inside you'll end up like Jason Mc deprived of real riding you'll start doing 24hrs solo

James Downing said...

and riding a Giant - Noooooo!!!!