Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the last 7 days

In the last 7 days I have done the following.....
  •  gone to Mogo to do a recce of the Angry Doctor course
  • ate fish and chips at Bateman's Bay
  • had an icecream at Bateman's Bay
  • done a 15 hour training week
  • got a new Polar HRM - RS800CX
  • done a 4.5 hour ride in the wind in the brindies
  • frozen my ass off doing stromlo hills in the big dog
  • done the 4th fastest majura lap on my secret test loop
  • done the 2nd fastest twin peaks loop up Ainslie and Majura
  • had the best Italian wine with Kylie, Janie, and Trev
  • watched Boogie Nights and Studio 54
  • frozen my ass off in the morning on the road bike
In the next 7 days I hope to do the following
  • Have a strong race at the Sutton Rd XC clubbie
  • experience some warmer weather
  • do some cool stromlo singletrack
  • receive a postcard from Trev from italy
  • have a lighter week
  • in all reality do a bigger build week
  • have some good times!!!

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