Thursday, May 21, 2009


Saw a funny thing the other day. At Majura an old European man was collecting mushrooms. These are the golden brown variety, I am not really sure if they are magic or not. I am not sure if they have any adaptogenic properties, and I don't really need to find out. He was hanging them in plastic bags in the pine trees.
Other funny things I have seen:
A pigs head, cut clean off. This was back up in Brisvegas about 20 years ago - simpler times.
2 Naked sunbathers (M and F) on the mad-roo (Allan Sieper named trail down from Majura - but it wasn't him that was sunbaking) - needless to say, I had to do another loop.
Porn - side of road, on singletrack, all over the place - WTF?
Road kill - not really funny though, just smelly, the sort of stuff where a smell sticks to the lining of your throat.
Recumbents - again, not funny, just stupid.
2 guys getting pulled over by the cops for pushing a shopping trolley down Northbourne Ave with a 68cm TV in it. Fully frisked etc, but let go.

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