Friday, April 24, 2009

Racing again

After quite a while of not racing, there is a race on again. That's pretty cool. Speaking of cool, I think that the weather might be just that. 13 degrees, windy and a 90% possibility of rain. Lucky it is at Stromlo, where the rain just makes it easier to grip. The wind can be brutal though. With a race start at 9:30am it is bound to be cold, and probably wet also. 6 laps of a proposed 6.8km course should be doable though. No real rest or taper for this one as it is just a clubby tuner to see where things are. Still, if there are numbers attached and more than one person, it is always Sunday World Chapionships!
I got my new Scott Scale in from Switzerland where they were mining the carbon fibre by hand it seems. That exercise took 4 weeks. But the machine is built up and going well. The white colouring of the rear section looks great when it is clean, but when it is muddy, nobody will be appreciating my coordination with the saddle - also white. The orange stickers on the forks do match well with the Lonsdale Street Cyclery team colours though. It is the little things that count!
The other day on Stromlo, I was doing some hill intervals, and it was windy. Really windy. I was able to do 30km/hr up through the boom gate going up the hill, and could only manage 30km/hr through the boom gate going down the hill. The good thing about a tailwind up a hill is that repeatability goes through the roof. All 6 reps were within 10 seconds of each other- that is just great. This phenomenom is not new to me though. The 'dog' hill out the back of Ainslie\Majura saddle performs the same when there is a brisk southerly.
The classics have been run and by the end of this weekend after LBL will be done for another year. These races are exciting as each rider has to bring the A-game for just one day. Defintiely the sort of races that I enjoy watching.

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