Monday, March 16, 2009

Hilly rides

Hours ridden this weekend: 6
Hilly kilometres: 180
PowerBars: 2
Clif Blox: 25
Bidons of Electrolyte drink: 7
Bidons of Water: 5
Number of times I admired my form in glass windows: 7
Number of times I looked down to admire my leg muscles: 47
Number of times I looked around to see if anyone was chasing me: 7
Heart rate range: 150 - 181bpm
People I saw on bikes: 14
Females on bikes: 9
 Must be chick day out or something, that for sure is a pure cycling anomoly
Number of times these female cyclists admired my form on the bike: 9
Number of times kidding myself: 9
Layers on Sunday: 3
For how long: 45 minutes
Number of times I got out of saddle like Alberto: 0 - very disciplined this weekend
Number of cars that got a bit too close for comfort: 3
Top speed descending Mt McDonald: 75km/hr
Speed on the sharp left hander: 40km/hr
Bad songs on the IPOD: 5
Best day on the IPOD: Saturday
Muppets who chased me: 2
Times I slayed the muppets: 2
Times I lied about being out of the saddle: 15 - only slightly disciplined
Dumb walkers on the bridge 3 abreast: 3!
Number of wobbles pretended when riding at them: 4
Number of large holes dug: 2
Bags of cement mixed: 2
Manful hours doing landscaping: 3
Times I thought my roadie could be lighter: 3
Word association
On road cycle lane from Weston Creek to Stromlo: Paris-Roubaix
Mount McDonald descent with tailwind: bliss
60km/hr down Cotter road to Weston with Tailwind: simulated epo use
Doing wheelies on the roadie up Mt Stromlo: recovery ride
Riding during autumn: peaceful


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