Friday, February 20, 2009

feeling a little flat

My rear tyre, not me!
Last night was a great dirt crit at majura. Held up in the foothills, on what was basically a mini XC course. Superb. I got the holeshot, and just felt like the legs and lungs were nice and open today. I kept getting further in front on each lap, but (always a but) halfway through the 2nd last lap the rear tyre wet down. It was banging the rim over every rock and root as well as fishtailing all over the place.
It took a full lap for 2nd and 3rd to come past me, but there was no way I was sprinting that tyre! 3rd place in the end. Not bad - but I did love the course - and that always helps.
The pictures tell the story (thanks Russ - you always take the best photos - even with no light)
Have a look at the rear tyre in the last photo - about 12psi!
Off to Tasmania next weekend so the form is good. A little bit of fine tuning over the next 5 days and it should be good to go.

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