Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Geelong National Round

The brain and body are really tired and writing is a bit blurry. So this post is a bit dot pointy.
Flew down on Thursday. It was dry. Rode the course on Friday. It was dry. The pictures show the before and after. It then started to sprinkle, which turned into a deluge that lasted 36 hours. The wind was 160km\hr during the women's race.
The course held up pretty well for the XCO. The You Yangs are built on a granite foundation. Not much in the way of sticky mud, more of a bind of the sandy stuff. The organisers took a lap off all classes (except for Elite Women). This was a relly good idea - the women were out for a lot longer than usual.
I managed to get 2nd place in Vet men class. Andrew Wilcher just pinned it the whole way.
Fortunately though, I brought spare brake pads and was able to compete in the Sunday short track event. Here I was able to hold out the field to take the win.
On the flight home I sat next to the fattest guy on the planet, and he had the aisle seat, so If the plane went down, we weren't getting out.
We stayed in a really nice house in Geelong. Very comfortable and well appointed.
Kylie got 15th in the XCO and 4th in the XCC - pretty good results for a rookie!
The You Yangs are a sensational place to ride. The course was 8.25km long and was really technical. Rocky like nothing else.
The trophy I got was a slab of granite carved out of the local area, with a chainring on it. Thanks to Ed and Will for taking this home for me. It weighed about 10kgs.
There is sand everywhere, in the Geelong house, in the rental car, in all of our stuff, in the washing machine and the sink. This will take forever to get out of the bike gear.

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