Monday, October 13, 2008

Scott 24 hour - Canberra

This year, I finally attended and competed in my first 24 hour race. The Scott 24 hour event in Canberra was the chosen event. Trev Rix from Lonsdale St Cyclery organised a team. So there were Joel Stewart, Allan Sieper, Jon Harris, Will Buron Trev Rix and myself. We obviously raced the 6 man team. And we did pretty well taking out the top honours in that category. As an added bonus we also took out 4th place overall with 33 laps - 456km at an average of 19.56km\hr.

This event is massive. There were over 2300 people who entered in the various categories. The red and blue laps in the hourglass format made for 2 totally different tracks to ride on ensuring that there was something for everyone.

The photos pretty much document the time spent in the Team Lonsdale St Cyclery village.....

I was (un)fortunate to do the run before the first lap. What a shocker - we were supposed to go 2 minutes after the solos, to give a bit of a buffer - but everybody just ran. It was a nightmare as we got caught up not moving behind 100 odd solo riders. Oh well - I managed to pretty

much haul everyone back, then I got a flat tyre. A quick stop and I had it back running - a bit light though - to get us in 5th place for the first lap. My Heart rate had gone mental and maxed out at 195bpm - and I thought my max was 187!!

Anyway after that we all pretty much dialled what we needed to do and punched out consistent laps.

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