Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back on Deck

Finally off the vomitron.

After losing 3 kilograms - not sure if fat or muscle - but I am going with a nice 50:50! I got back training this week - and apart from being a smidgen under hydrated for the first part of the week, the riding has gone extremely well.

I had a massage tonight and the pain of VO2 max intervals got flushed away from the quads. Kylie kept me really honest on the Wednesday Power VO2 max rollers - she was only 10 seconds slower than me over the 3 minutes. Got to work on that! I did get a flat in the first 3 minutes of the ride which took about 3 minutes to fix then it took some big effort to catch up to her as she had gone off a couple of minutes earlier than me.

On the Sunday I was still recovering so I took Kylie out for a spin around Stromlo and gave her lifted runs all day.

On the way down I saw an echidna walking the centre white line. The little fella was happy though and just cruised to the gutter and let me take his picture.

Just entered for the Adelaide National round. First weekend of November - can not wait. I also booked the flights to Melbourne for the Geelong National Round also. Got to get some accomodation for that one. Thank god for the Internet.

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