Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back on Deck

Finally off the vomitron.

After losing 3 kilograms - not sure if fat or muscle - but I am going with a nice 50:50! I got back training this week - and apart from being a smidgen under hydrated for the first part of the week, the riding has gone extremely well.

I had a massage tonight and the pain of VO2 max intervals got flushed away from the quads. Kylie kept me really honest on the Wednesday Power VO2 max rollers - she was only 10 seconds slower than me over the 3 minutes. Got to work on that! I did get a flat in the first 3 minutes of the ride which took about 3 minutes to fix then it took some big effort to catch up to her as she had gone off a couple of minutes earlier than me.

On the Sunday I was still recovering so I took Kylie out for a spin around Stromlo and gave her lifted runs all day.

On the way down I saw an echidna walking the centre white line. The little fella was happy though and just cruised to the gutter and let me take his picture.

Just entered for the Adelaide National round. First weekend of November - can not wait. I also booked the flights to Melbourne for the Geelong National Round also. Got to get some accomodation for that one. Thank god for the Internet.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

On the VOM-i-tron

Spew City here we come - after a pretty standard weekend, I had my normal(ish) rest day monday. Then 11:30 at night, the stomach bug bit. I lost 2 kilos in 24 hours - all food and water, and along with all my energy and strength.

This morning, I thought it was all ok, but it seems that milk was not ready for the mostly empty stomach. Back out an hour later - and through my nose as well - that was disgusting.

I can not wait to get better - even surfing the web hurts. My doctor sledged me for looking yellow. I felt yellow, green and crap all at once.

Oh well, that's life.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Stat time now

Been busy working, training, recovering and doing a bit of everything. The weekly training objectives were met this week. I worked on the specific requirements I had set out based on some racing weaknesses I wanted ironed out. A couple more weeks of this and this should help that particular attribute. Don't need to highlight it to the world though! My lap times highlight it enough.

Just some stats for the last week.
Distance ridden this weekend - 156km
Total flat tyres - 3
Jelly snakes on the road - 2
Ice creams on the road - 9
Number of times I thought about eating the snakes - 2
Kilometres ridden in the rain this weekend - 55km
Hours Slept over weekend - 18 (a bit under-done)
Bowls of pasta - 5
Calories expended on Saturday - 3500
Magpies who used me for swooping practice - 3

I also took the opportunity to rebuild my rear wheel - I got a new ZTR rim, DT revolution spokes and laced it to my Chris King rear hub. If I can find another Chris King rear hub, I might build it up as a spare - I have a few spokes, nipples and a one year old ZTR rim lying around now.

I think I need to clean out the garage as well. I have just finished selling a few items, but the garage is full and it is getting hard to move around. I think I might have a 'life on the lawn' moment next weekend or so and just clear it out and start from scracth - we'll see how that works for me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

2008 World Cup in Canberra - Mt Stromlo

The best course. This gets bandied around a fair bit depending on what has been ridden lately. I personally loved the 2008 World Cup XCO Course in Canberra at Mount Stromlo. I raced on Friday in the Vets Support race.

There were some pretty quick guys there, Warren Burgess, Jason Chalker, Brad Morton to name a few. Brad hadn't actually ridden the course, and we took great delight in telling him how awesomely tech the uphill was. To his credit he placed fourth. I managed a second sandwiched between Warren and Jason. It was only the last lap where I was able to shake off Chalker. But he had a busted hand and had raced the 8 hour race the weekend before.

Huge thanks to Kylie for feeding myself , Jason and Brad, and Angus in one of the other races. Made all the more impressive by the fact that she has the worst flu in history! I know because I have it now - I was extremely fortunate to have 2 hours of good riding in me on Friday and that was it.

Kylie raced the Elite Women's XC on Saturday. Not bad for her 3rd Elite race. She finished a credible 19th place and was very happy to get a full finish and not get pulled by the UCI 80% rule. She was as sick as a dog and had no power - I can vouch for that currently as the fingers even hurt to type - there is nothing in the tank. Kylie and Zoe King were the only 2 riders in the Elite race to actually ride the technical section.

The men's XC race was a full on sprint from the gun. We took the opportunity to ride around the place at Stromlo and see parts of the course. Very impressive. You could pretty much see 3/4 of the course at one point. It definitely made for a pretty cool viewing experience.
The amount of people that made it out to watch was also very impressive. There were cars everywhere and the amount of people lining the course made for some awesome times.