Monday, August 25, 2008

Riding forever

The week gone has been a great one for training. Four solid days of doing high intensity off road hill work. Then 2 back to back 4 hour rides at a pretty good tempo off road.
I cruised from my house (at the base of Mount Majura) out to Bruce Ridge which was a total of 12 minutes on the road, then it was all off road out to Stromlo via Bruce Ridge, Aranda Ridge, Black Mountain, Cork Plantation, Zoo, RSPCA. All off road - so sweet. These used to be my training rides as a junior back in the day. So nice now with more fitness and better bikes and gear.
I rode the Scott Scale as it is what I will be using at the World Cup support race on Friday this week. I took it out to Stromlo for the first time last week. I did have worn tyres on and it felt so sketchy. The next day the tyres arrived and on the bike they went. Control again - which is a good thing out at Stromlo. The ball bearings on the singletrack are pretty sketch at the best of times.
Sunday was great, I recovered really well from the previous day and checked out a few things including the A lines at the Stromlo tech ascent - this was pleasing, defintiely worth taking the lines - we're talking about a 5-7 second advantage. Over 4-5 laps that will be pleasing.
I saw an echidna out the back in the secret valley after the bridge crossing - he was pretty cool about me taking a picture - I think he even smiled at me.
Kylie has got a really bad cold which is not the best thing to have in the lead up week to a bigish race. Hopefully she can ride, let alone breathe on Saturday. Hopefully I don't catch it either - it blows big time.
This week will also involve the all-important practice:) Lucky I have done all I want with regard to practice - it is a hard technical course and can blow you up easily - better to be a bit fresher for this one I reckon - we'll see how that goes anyway!

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