Tuesday, July 1, 2008

not an energy drink ingredient

This last week, I have been fortunate enough to demo a Cannondale Taurine. This is a bit of a custom job, with full XTR and some bling bits. All up with pedals it weighs about 8.8kgs.

I am really impressed with this bike as a whole. The stiffness afforded by the lefty fork impresses me hugely.

I love how light it feels and how you never seem to feel fatigued on it.

I have been able to smash some lap times and hill climb records on it also which is extremely pleasing. Definitely one to recommend.

AT the moment I am on a course of antibiotics due to an annoying infection picked up from somewhere. It was so bad on Saturday I had to cut my ride short and went home feeling absolutely frozen for about an hour then feeling hotter than the sun for the next with a fever. It'll be better soon and I will probably hop back on the bike tomorrow after 3 full rest days.

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