Thursday, July 10, 2008

Euro house music

Another day off work recovering - my eye is opening up a little more which is good.

I am off to the doctor this arvo for the follow up check up. I can not wait for the sweeling to go down. I did 3 hours on the windtrainer today watching Youtube.

I have a whole bunch of cycling clips that are done to Euro house music. Doof doof to the max. I got a delivery from Australia Post this morning but didn't hear the guy ring the doorbell. Lucky he knows us and just left the box on the doorstep.

Lucky I live in a good neighbourhood. Only have to worry about kangaroos in the morning making their way back to the mountain.

Thank god for the internet while I am off work - I really do think that apart from USB, it is the greatest invention ever. Sooo much information about all sorts of random stuff.

Last night Kylie and I played a game of 'name the Tour de France riders'. I could only come up with 74. Kylie got 102. I have got to do some more training on this. 28 riders is a lot to make up.

Just thinking, I find that Red Hot Chilli Peppers are hard to listen to whilst riding, however I like them when I am relaxing. I think the best music for me anyway is Bogan rock, ie Guns n Roses, Metallica and early 90s rap music, Tone Loc, Run DMC etc. Ska covers are also really good when it is time to go over tempo. But not today - if I go over 140bpm I think I'll bust my stitches, and that would not be good - It is probably not a bad idea to run it in low E2. I usually always ride at tempo or above.

Due to it not snowing in Canberra (often) we don't really have an off season. It is just cold. The racing season runs all year anyway - you just have to pick the ones you want to do.

Picture today is of me kicking it out at Tuggeranong BMX track back in August 2004 over the second straight doubles. Fully RAD.

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