Sunday, June 22, 2008

All day sucker

Man, on Saturday, it was superb. I felt like I could have ridden all day. It was one of those sweet days when you are in the zone, then inclines feel like they are flat, and all of the flats have tailwinds. It was good because even when going into LT territory, the oxygen was being sucked in so sweetly that it almost tasted good.

You know when you are riding like this when the knees flick up really fast and strong. Of course, I knew I had a plan to keep to and rolled it home on the particular hour that I had sorted.

Right now it is a little cold when I am heading out. Well it is cold for me. I had a pair of windstopper socks on, some Assos wind stopper toe covers and a set of Roubaix booties. The feet were just about right. Warm and not sweating.

I scoped out some new roads to visit, which always helps. I don't really enjoy the 'chip-seal' roads that are becoming all too common. Actually working for the Government department that actually decides how and why these roads are commissioned always is fascinating. A bit of asphaltic concrete wouldn't go astray. Saving money isn't always the be all end all.

But as a cyclist you just ride it, what other choice do you have? Wind trainer? Well if your name is Kylie, then that is a viable option. 3 and a half hours of tempo on the wind trainer watching Alberto Contador and Michael Rasmussen attack up a mountain pass. I swear that she doesn't go out if it is under 15 degrees C. It is no wonder that there is a nice little groove starting to appear on the flywheel of the wind trainer.

Kylie got a new toy on Saturday. Trev from Lonsdale St Cyclery hooked her up with a Scott Scale. The picture attached is of Kylie testing out some key balance points of the bike.

Within a couple of weeks we should have it set up pretty much identical to her Titus Racer X in terms of parts and position.

I have my MTB set up identically in reach and seat height relative to pedal to my road bike. I heard that French muppet Julien Absalon does the same. He probably did it first, I am just copying him. It should make sure that the muscles are used in the same way on each bike.

So, on Sunday I headed out after the superb saturday. Always a bit of a funny one the second week-end day. The average was nice and high - 33.2km/hr, but I didn't remember the last 15 minutes of songs that were playing on the IPOD. I was a little hungry.

Cyclists I saw today: 25

Cyclists I saw today in fluoro yellow: 14

Kilometres of sweet tailwind today: ~50km

Walls in the house painted: 2

Coats of paint: 3 - quality job of course.

Blogs checked out: 14

Bowls of pasta consumed in last 24 hours: 6

Weight lost in last 3 weeks: 3kgs

Temperature while riding today: 6 - 11 degrees C.

Embrocation used: Quoleum Medium.

Average number of layers: 3

Hours ridden this week: ~14.5 hours

Bottles of Cytomax consumed this week: 8 large

On track for next week: Should be.....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Watching the King Parrots

Friday morning. I always look forward to Friday morning.
I get to sit down and have some coffee. No windtrainer. No 5:45am.
The Vittoria High Altitude Premium coffee always goes down well.
I have a view from my dining room of Mount Majura. It pretty much rained all night last night about 5mm. The mountain definitley looks good with the low lying cloud over it. On Tuesday morning the fog rolled in and engulfed the whole area.
I am pretty lucky to have both Mount Ainslie and Mount Majura one minute from my front door. I have a training ride - Twin Peaks, which is a climb up both mountains. This takes me just under an hour. 51:48 from my garage door for both peaks is my current record. The route I take to get up Mount Ainslie is not necessarily the most direct route, but it does allow for a bit of a leg wakener, so as not to hit them up too hard too early.
After ascending Mount Majura, I haul down the Radar access road. This is a bitumen access road that you can hit 70km/hr on. There are no cars because of a locked gate near the bottom. The only things you need to watch out for are kangaroos. Then it's a right at a key point, then a traverse to the top of Majura, near the Vineyard.
Hopefully the rainwill ease so I can head out tomorrow without getting too wet.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bike fits properly again

Wind trainer


15 interval sets

Feeling great on trainer - this only happens about once every 3 weeks at best

2007 Stage 8 - Tour de France.

David Orroyo over the barrier into the bushes.

Mick Rogers - rolls tyre off rim - later abandons - dodgy wrist.

Levi Leipheimer breaks rear derailleur, gets new bike and gets it
'fixed' for about 3km and latches back onto the 'poursuivants'

Chicken Rasmussen wins.

I got some new cleats for my road shoes.

Amazingly the bike fits properly again. I had worn down the left one especially.
This is the one that I primarily unclip from when not on the trainer. It goes
down onto the road first and slowly wears down over time. I got 2 years out of these ones
so that's not too bad.

I have already worn out a set of bottom bracket bearings and 3 sets of tyres.

Monday, June 16, 2008

random summer dreaming

When the days are barely making 10 degrees, and it is windy and cold....

I like to sit back and dream of summer.

For example the dirt crit series.....

Majura Pines......

February 2008......


One month's rainfall in an afternoon.....

Getting the holeshot on Soren from Denmark.....


(photo credit: Russ Baker)

Doing nothing quite well

Sunday was nothing. It was a rest day. So I rested.
My mate Trev, who runs Lonsdale St Cyclery, busted his wrist riding Stromlo.
6 Weeks on the trainer just when he was hitting some great form.
The bike was ok though.
Kylie got on her mtb for the first time in 4 weeks after being concussed at Wagga.
We demoed some hardtails - Scott Scales to be precise - I need a short track weapon.
I loaded a bunch of STUFF on ebay. God I had a lot of stuff lying around that I had forgot about
more to be loaded in the next few days also.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

chasing roadies down Northbourne ave

Day 1 of blog - better think of what has gone down.

Well, the program called for some road riding today. Pretty much how the weekend pans out at the moment. I am taking a couple of months off racing. I have raced about 39 races since November 2007. I mainly want to have a mental break so I can come back hungry again when the weather warms up.

Today, it was 10 degrees maxiumum, with the wind chill making it feel like about 6 with a standard 34km/hr wind. Heading out up to the base of Mount Taylor I was grinding it out at about 23km/hr up the bike way. Turn around at the top and it was a freight train down to Woden at 45-50kays. After heading onto Commonwealth Avenue bridge I noticed a roadie cranking pretty well.

He slowed a bit over the bridge and I caught up a bit. He looked around and saw me then he tried to drop me I reckon. I was doing my best to look like a roadie, but I guess it wasn't enough. The road up to Capital Hill starts nicely with a 1-2% gradient, but it just doesn't let up. My Heart Rate at the top was pushing 177bpm but at least I was reeling him in! He slowed to recover at the top then rolled down to the lights, where he got caught by the red. He kept sneaking glances over his shoulder checking things out seeing where I was. I just wanted to say g'day to him.

When the light went green, he took the whole intersection to clip in then it was hammer time again. He just put the power down and took off. I went after him, but by now he was really tiring, and got caught by another red light. He balanced for about 2 seconds then out of the blue decides to chuck a left and go down a side street. SOFT - come on and play, there was at least 5 more sets of lights to do sprints at!

Kylie got me some new Oakley Radar glasses with the blue iridium lenses. These are way better than the M frames I have been usign for the last 2 years. They offer a much better fit and the hydrophobic (water repellant) coating on the lens is awesome as I tend to sweat truckloads.
I am also thinking about seling my Giro Atmos. It is pretty good, but I also have a Specialized D2 which is 10 times better - lighter, fits better, more comfortable blah blah blah. Have to get EBAy rolling.

I rode for about 3 hours then went home to thaw out. Had a warm soak in the bath and some pasta (at the same time). Kylie had done 2 and a half hours on the wind trainer as she doesn't go out when it is below 10 degrees.

Went to Domayne and checked out a Tempur space shuttle certified bed. It is pretty awesome, and at $5000 it should be too. It has this thick conforming foam that feels a bit like quicksand and you sink into it.

Anyway - more secret training tomorrow hunting down rabbits.